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Science behind PureBio disinfectant

PURE® Hard Surface is an EPA registered food contact surface sanitizer and disinfectant, powered by the patented Silver Dihydrogen Citrate (SDC) molecule. PURE Hard Surface delivers broad spectrum power to eliminate dangerous pathogens in a wide range of environments.

Fast and Effective
PURE Hard Surface rapidly eliminates bacteria, viruses and fungi, including multiple drug resistant organisms (CRE, MRSA, VRE), Human Coronavirus, Norovirus, Hepatitis B and C, Listeria, E. coli and Salmonella with kill times as fast as 30 seconds.

Approved for Food Contact Surfaces
PURE Hard Surface has been approved for use on food contact surfaces without the requirement of a rinse.  Only silver in the form of SDC is cleared for this use under 40 CFR 180.940 and PURE Hard Surface has an NSF registered D2 Classification.

Ask yourself these questions to see if Pure is the product for you!

-How much time during the day is spent on disinfecting by your staff? Yes!

-Have employees complained of having to wear PPE to apply disinfectants (or do they know if they should)? Yes!

-Has anyone reported breathing issues or headaches from the constant exposure of chemicals? Yes!

-How much product is your establishment going through each day to be compliant with CDC guidelines? Yes!

-Has anyone noticed any corrosion to chrome plated furniture (tables, desks, chairs, weight room)? Yes!

-Has anyone noticed any damage to the finish on your floors? Yes!

-Have you had any issues getting the supplies you need? Yes!